Friday Night

6:00P – Perry Joslin

For those with an all-access pass, don’t miss one of two VIP events scheduled. Friday, mingle with some of SEE’s special guests while enjoying the music of Grammy-nominated jazz pianist Perry Joslin.


7:30A – Registration

8:00A – Kevin Jackson 

Breakfast / Intro: Welcome/Why we’re here – The Crisis of Big Ed

8:45A – Vicki Alger

Failure: The Federal “Misedukation” of America’s Children

9:30A – Charol Shakeshaft 

Sexual Assault crisis in public schools.


10:15A – Kelley Williams-Boler 

How wanting the best education for her kids made her a felon

11:00A – Dr. Jason Hill 

Climate on college campuses

1:00P – Lunch/Keynote Speaker 

Heather Mac Donald


1:30P – Dr. Kuni Beasley 

SEE’s Director of Information – Dr. Beasley will explain the costs of college and how to get around this system.

2:15P – Joseph Ingam 

Affirmative Action Farce, author of Almost Black.

3:00P – Rebecca Friedrichs 

The dangerous influence of the Teacher’s Unions.

3:45P – Empowerment

The dangers of gender preference in education

4:30P – Panel Discussion

Solutions – Less government; informing parents
AFC, FEE, Freedomworks, SEE

6:30P – Dinner


7:00P – Keynote – Dennis Prager

The Left’s Destruction of Education

We know you will be challenged, inspired, and empowered by every one of our speakers. We hope to SEE you there!


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